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Domestic Violence and Alimony

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Would our Courts order the victim of Domestic Violence to pay spousal support to the abuser? Unfortunately, Yes. Washington is a “No-Fault” State for divorce.  That means you do not have to plead and prove Marital Misconduct to obtain a divorce.  You are not even allowed to mention it.  Since the only grounds for divorce […]

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What Parents Should Know If Their Kids Are Flying Alone During The Holidays

Is Your Child About To Fly Solo In The US? Check Out These Guidelines to Ensure a Safe Trip! The Holidays are a busy travel time, and it’s not uncommon during this time of year to have kids fly alone to see their relatives in other states. Children can start flying alone at age 5, and […]

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DLFM’S Fantasy Football Free Agent Picks: WEEK 16

Our NFL expert gives you his week 16 Fantasy Football Free Agent Picks!   My team is a sinking ship.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any stars to help keep it afloat and I’ve been trying to ride out too many lower level guys.  Hopefully you guys are having better luck than me in fantasy football […]

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The Reason I Ended My Relationship

Making the decision to move on from a relationship, simply, is not that simple. Human beings are incredibly weird creatures.  You’ve probably recognized that we do really weird things for fame, wealth, and especially love.  As social animals, we have been endowed with a set of traits and have developed social norms that make us […]

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DLFM’S Fantasy Football Free Agent Picks: WEEK 15

Our NFL expert gives you his week 15 Fantasy Football Free Agent Picks!   First week of playoffs is in the books!  If you’re still alive, you’ll want to make sure your lineup is ready to go.  Some injuries last week have created opportunity to pick up some free agents that may get more work […]

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Grandparents’ Visitation Rights in Washington State

GRANDPARENTS’ VISITATION RIGHTS IN WASHINGTON STATE The Washington State Legislature has passed a second attempt to legislatively grant Grandparents the right to seek Court ordered visitation with their Grandchildren, SB 5598, now codified as RCW 26.11.010 – 060, Nonparental Child Visitation – Relatives.  This has created a clearer picture for grandparents’ visitation rights in Washington. […]

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