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3 Awesome Ways to Ditch Your Wedding Ring

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You bought it at the beginning of your life together. It was a symbol of the eternal bond of love between you and your wife. You thought you would wear that gold ring for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately your wife had other plans, plans that didn’t include you. Now your wedding ring is sitting in a box in the closet, hidden away with other things you don’t want to look at that remind you of your ex-wife.

While you can’t burn a wedding ring like you did with your wedding photos, here are three awesome ways to give your ring a proper ending.

Options 1: Give it a Proper Burial
Don’t want to get rid of your old wedding ring just yet? Place it in a box that properly symbolizes the loss you have suffered. Only a Wedding Ring Coffin can accurately convey the death of all your hopes and dreams. Let the last reminder of your betrayed love rest gently in plush velvet and fine oak.

The wedding ring coffin can be beautifully displayed anywhere in your home as a decorative testimony to the end of your marriage. For those who want even more closure, perform a solemn backyard ceremony as you lower the coffin into the ground. Your wife’s love didn’t last forever, but your ring’s final resting place can.

Options 2: Throw it into the “River of Broken Dreams”
Your wife tossed you out of her life, return the sentiment and throw your wedding ring into a raging river. This act will require a trip to the city of Reno, Nevada. If that seems too far, just remember that Nevada has both legalized gambling and prostitution.

Thanks to very liberal divorce laws and short residency requirements, Reno was the divorce capital of the United States for much of the twentieth century. Even more helpful, the Truckee River is right down the street from the courthouse.

According to tradition, newly divorced people would leave the courthouse and throw their wedding rings from the Virginia Street Bridge into the “River of Broken Dreams.” Such an act is said to guarantee you will never get divorced again. Marilyn Monroe contemplated such a decision on the Virginia Street Bridge in the 1961 movie, The Misfits. So who knows if some beautiful divorcee might be there when you arrive.

Even of you didn’t get divorced in Reno, you can still throw the physical symbol of your broken dreams into the Truckee river. As your ring settles on the dark, airless bottom of the river bed, you can reflect on how your marriage became an airless trap, devoid of love.

Options 3: Get Some Cash
If the first two choices on our list sound too poetic and sappy, you can always just hock your wedding ring for cold hard cash. This works even better if somehow you got your ex-wife’s ring back as well. Let’s be honest, her ring probably cost three times as much as yours. There are even websites dedicated to this sort of thing, selling the reminders of your shattered hopes and lost dreams.

Check out I Do Now I Don’t and Have You Seen the Ring for websites which specialize in reselling wedding rings. Plus if you have already met someone new, these are great websites for deals on a new wedding ring. That way someone else’s failed relationship will result in a big discount on jewelry for you.

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