Second Wives Want All of Husband’s Cash

The Second Wives Club is more than a glitzy reality TV show

In real life, the Second Wives Club is a political action group of second wives seeking legislative reform in state Alimony laws.

They want to reduce the Spousal Support being paid to the first wives by the second wives’ new husband. They also want their incomes excluded from the court’s calculation of how much support their new husband should be paying his first wife.

The Second Wives Club figures that the less money paid to the first wives will result in more money being left for the new couple – and therefore, more money for themselves.


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This is a win-win for men


If the Second Wives Club is successful, not only will the men’s Alimony payments to the first wife be reduced, the risk of high Alimony payments to the second wife will also be reduced. And all of this is being done for men by the second wives.

Not a bad deal.

But the Second Wives Club should stop and think.

If the Spousal Support payments are reduced for the first wife, that will likely effect the calculation when it’s time to set the Spousal Support for the second wife.


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