maldives-couple-romantic-600x450Searching for the secret to a long and happy marriage? You won’t find it in any of these following destinations! These divorce hot spots have some of the highest divorce rates in the world. Maybe it’s something in the water or not enough love songs on the radio, but people in these places just don’t stay together. If you are looking for a place to settle down and raise a family, avoiding the locations on this list just might keep you in wedded bliss.

Leading America in Divorce: Trousdale County, Tennessee
Looking for a simpler life in small town America? If your journey takes you near Trousdale County, keep on driving to save your marriage. Although it only has 8,000 residents, the rural Tennessee county has a divorce rate of nearly 90%. Love is not in the air for towns like Hartsville, as divorce fillings exceed marriage licenses each year. While wedding planners may not find much work in the area, business for divorce attorneys is booming.

European Divorce Capital: Belgium
Thinking of moving to Europe? Don’t look for a home in Belgium if you want to stay married. With a 71% divorce rate, Belgium leads all other European nations in number of divorces versus marriages. While high divorce rates are common in economically struggling nations in southern and eastern Europe, affluent Belgium is an anomaly among it’s western neighbors.

Perhaps the political divisions between the French speaking south and the Flemish speaking north have disrupted family life with Flemish spouses leaving their French mates en masse. Or maybe alcohol is to blame. As brewers of some of the best beers in the world, Belgians might just be spending too much time in the pub to focus on their marriages.

Divorce Island: The Maldives
Thinking of visiting an island paradise for your honeymoon? You might want to leave the Maldives off your list. Spread out over hundreds of islands in the Indian Ocean, this tropical nation is well known for its beach resorts and blue lagoons. It is also the Guinness Book of World Records holder for highest divorce rate with nearly 11 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants per year. This is more than double the rate of the number two country on the list. The average Maldivan has been divorced at least 3 times.

The high divorce rate is often attributed to Maldivan culture which strongly condemns premarital sex while placing no stigma on divorce. Divorce is also extremely easy in the Maldives. The country recognizes divorce by proclamation for men. All a husband has to do is proclaim before witnesses that he wishes to divorce his wife and the marriage is legally dissolved.

Others point towards an end of the world mentality. A nation of atolls and flat islands, there is a danger the Maldives may sink beneath the waves as ocean levels rise over the next century. Faced with the destruction of their country, some Maldivans may simply feel they don’t have time to stay in an unhappy marriage.