If you are a divorced father, you might be dreading the holiday season. Family gatherings are the cornerstone of holiday celebrations and can cause divorced parents to feel that something is missing. You may be worried that Christmas will just not be the same now that you are divorced.

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing during the holiday season. Many parents have found that starting new traditions after a divorce helps them create something unique to share with their children. New traditions may take some getting used to, but over time they become memorable annual experiences that help the children bond.

Here are 3 amazing suggestions for new holiday traditions.

Celebrate on a different day
Are your children with their mother on the 25th? You’re not alone. Many parents face this issue. Visitation schedules and custody agreements mean that some parents won’t have their children on Christmas. You shouldn’t let the date get in the way of your holiday. It is perfectly ok to celebrate on a different day. In many European countries, the actual gift opening day can be as early as the start of December or as late as the first week of January. If there is a weekend in December or January when you know you will have your children, celebrate then. After a few years they will think you have always done it that way.

Have a beach holiday
Looking for a different type of holiday celebration? Follow the example of the Australians and have a beach Christmas. Since it is down under, December is the start of Summer in Australia. Christmas therefore involves a lot of outdoor activities and time at the beach. While most places in the United States won’t have beach weather, you might want to consider taking a trip for the holiday. There are many options for a holiday vacation, from ski trips to amusement parks. Many tourist destinations receive less visitors during December and January. An annual winter trip will be great a holiday tradition to enjoy with your children.

Enjoy a Japanese Kentucky Christmas
In Japan there is only one way to properly celebrate Christmas, by eating fried chicken. Not just any fried chicken will do either, it must be a KFC Christmas meal. So popular is Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas in Japan that people must order their meals months in advance. Every table in every KFC in Japan will have been reserved six months ago. Considering the ordeal people in Japan have to go through to eat fried chicken on Christmas, it seems almost wrong that here in United States you can likely walk into any KFC on Christmas Eve and order as much as you want. Such luxury demands a new holiday tradition and makes for one of the easiest to start celebrating with your kids. Do something totally Japanese, and enjoy KFC with your children during Christmas.