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If you are a man facing the end of your relationship, or a modification to an existing divorce decree, you have come to the right place. We are a network of law firms dedicated to helping men during divorce and other aspects of family law. We are an experienced team of family law attorneys who understand the special challenges men face in divorce. We are committed to protecting your rights and fighting for fair custody and reasonable support. We strive to get the results that men want and need in divorce.

It can be difficult to choose the Washington divorce lawyer who will get you the best results. But don’t settle for just any family law attorney. Choose a lawyer who is dedicated to representing men in divorce. Choose Divorce Lawyers For Men™. We are Good Lawyers, Doing Good Things, for Good Men.




Committed to You

Divorce Lawyers For Men™ is a network of trial lawyers committed to providing quality representation to men drawn into the family law legal system. Our representation will always be of the highest quality and, when necessary, aggressive.

We know the special problems that men face trying to get fair treatment in our courts. We know that men are not always given equal consideration for custody of their children. We know that men are often forced to pay excessive child and spousal support. We know that men have been ordered to pay more than their fair share of the debts, and awarded less than their fair share of the property. Our job is to correct these wrongs, and fight for the rights of men during and after divorce, in modification actions, in paternity actions, and in creating parenting plans.

History of Success

Before separate Family Law Courts were even created, our lawyers were fighting for men’s rights in divorce through the trial courts. In the 1980′s we pioneered the fight for fathers’ custody of their children. Morris – Sockle, PLLC, the founder of Divorce Lawyers For Men™, is a Washington-based law firm that associates with other law firms to represent men in communities throughout Washington. The firm takes pride in our successes in and outside the courtroom on behalf of husbands and fathers.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled members of the Washington State Bar Association and other local and national professional organizations, such as the Washington State Association for Justice and the American Association of Justice. Whenever possible, we negotiate good settlements for our clients, but, when necessary, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial. Morris – Sockle and Divorce Lawyers For Men™ obtain the solid results for clients both in and out of the courtroom.

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Where to Start?

Divorce can be complex and confusing. If your marriage is ending, you likely have many questions. Find answers to your questions through our useful online guides (click here to view all of our Free Resources). Our site is designed to cut through the complex jargon of family law and help you every step of the way. We recommend to start by educating yourself about the Divorce Process in Washington.

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