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At Divorce Lawyers for Men, we get the Results that Men Want and Need!

Divorce Lawyers For Men™ was founded by attorneys Frank Morris and Jeanne Sockle to provide men professional representation across the state of Washington.  The two wanted to create a company that could effectively combat antiquated biases existing in the family law system that have historically resulted in men being unfairly ordered to forfeit earnings, property, and custodial rights.  To accomplish this, Frank and Jeanne set out to build a network of like-minded attorneys and law firms.  Forming an alliance between their own firm and other established, reputable, successful, professional attorneys throughout Washington State has allowed Divorce Lawyers for Men to fulfill its intended purpose.  We successfully represent and protect the rights of men in Washington courtrooms every day.

Our Attorney Network

Good Lawyers, Doing Good Things, for Good Men.

Divorce Lawyers for Men isn’t just one law firm, it’s several.  When you hire a Divorce Lawyers for Men attorney, you’re not just getting support from them; you’re getting the benefit of an entire attorney network.  We provide all of our law firms with resource materials for our clients.  All of the professionals in our network can also communicate with each other to discuss nuances in handling family law cases.  Yet, our clients are represented by local attorneys, working within their community and experienced with the local court.

Another benefit of using Divorce Lawyers for Men is, members of the network are held accountable.  Attorneys with a history of Bar Association disciplinary actions or those who demonstrate an inability to manage cases for their clients are not recruited to join our network. Those lawyers who do meet the requirements to join are only able to maintain their presence by being a successful attorney for their clients.  In divorce, there are seldom any real “winners,”  but with Divorce Lawyers for Men, you’re giving yourself the best shot at success by having quality representation.

History of Success

We are Committed to You.

Before separate Family Law Courts were even created, our lawyers were fighting for men’s rights in divorce through the Washington trial courts. In the 1980′s we pioneered the fight for fathers’ custody of their children.  Morris – Sockle, PLLC, the founder of Divorce Lawyers For Men™, is a Washington-based law firm that associates with other law firms to represent men in communities throughout Washington. Our firm takes pride in our successes in and outside the courtroom on behalf of husbands and fathers.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled members of the Washington State Bar Association and other local and national professional organizations, such as the Washington State Association for Justice and the American Association of Justice, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, King County Bar Association Family Law Section, and other county bar associations across the state. Whenever possible, we negotiate good settlements for our clients but, when necessary, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial. Morris – Sockle and Divorce Lawyers For Men™ obtain solid and fair results for clients both in and out of the courtroom.

Where to Start?

Divorce can be complex and confusing. If your marriage is ending, you likely have many questions. Find answers to your questions through our useful online guides (click here to view all of our Free Resources). Our site is designed to cut through the complex jargon of family law and help you every step of the way. We recommend to start by educating yourself about the Divorce Process in Washington.

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