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True Facts About Child Custody for Men

Child Custody for Fathers: Statistics & Infographic

It is often presumed that there is a bias toward women in the family court system. Here are the true numbers on child custody for men.

The Statistics on Child Custody for Men Aren’t Pretty.

When fathers don’t get custody of their children they lose out on the most important parts of their relationship with their kids. Seeing them everyday, asking how their day was, helping them with homework, and just being there as a dad.

Custody and visitation are very important parts of the divorce process if you want to be involved your kids’ lives. Even though, as a father, the statistics for getting full custody of your children aren’t in your favor, it is not impossible, and there are several steps that you can take to help your case. We have included helpful links to resources regarding child custody for fathers below our infographic.


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The True Facts About Child Custody for Men:

  • Fathers are granted custody only 18.3% of the time
  • Mothers are awarded child support nearly 2 times as often as fathers are
  • Fathers are awarded nearly 10% less, on average, in child support
  • Fathers receive less of the awarded child support than mothers
  • 69% of people believe that having a father in the home is essential to a child’s happiness
  • More than 25% of fathers live apart from their children
  • Only 10% of non-resident fathers help their children with their homework
  • Nearly 60% of fathers who do not get custody speak to their children on the phone 4 times a month or less
  • Over 25% of fathers who do not get custody get 0 in-person visits with their children each year
  • Nearly all (97%) of the fathers surveyed agree that the rewards of being a parent are worth the costs/work that go into it

Check out all of the facts about child custody for men below, in our infographic, “The True Facts of Child Custody For Men”. You can click on the infographic to zoom and enlarge.



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Help with Child Custody for Fathers

Here are some of the best resources for men trying put themselves in the best position to be awarded custody of their children.

The Top 5 Articles on Child Custody for Fathers

Free Child Custody for Men resources from Divorce Lawyers for Men.


Child Custody During Divorce

Men facing divorce in Washington often feel they need to settle for limited custody because it is expected that children will stay with their mother. At Divorce Lawyers for Men, we reject this belief and fight for you, the father, to receive the maximum amount of time with your children.

Covered in this article:

  • Physical Custody
  • Legal Custody
  • Temporary Parenting Plans
  • Fathers’ Rights & Custody Issues
  • If You Were Never Married

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Child Custody Lawyers

Divorce is the worst of times for any family. Knowing that divorce is the right answer for you doesn’t make it any easier and a dispute over the custody of your children can make it more difficult. You will need a child custody lawyer who will fight for a fair parenting plan.

Covered in this article:

  • The Likely Scenario
  • How Often You Will See Your Children
  • What to Expect
  • We Fight for You

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Can a Father Win Custody?

Yes. However, it is mothers who are most often awarded with primary custody of the children. In the past, women were nearly always given full custody, and many judges find it difficult to change their ways. The attorneys at Divorce Lawyers for Men have experience in fighting for, and winning, custody cases for fathers.

Covered in this article:

  • Can a Father Win Custody? (an answer from our FAQ section)

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Child Custody and the Military

As a father and a soldier, you serve your country to keep America safe for your children. There is nothing more important than spending time with your children. While divorce ends a marriage, it does not end your bond with your kids and your right to raise them.

Covered in this article:

  • Custody Challenges of Military Service
  • You Shouldn’t Be Punished
  • Flexible Visitation Schedules
  • SCRA Protection & Temporary Custody
  • Assigning Visitation Rights

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Don’t Stop Taking Your Son to Football Practice

It may be surprising that not taking your children to their after-school activities could be such a big mistake. Such seemingly small issues often become heated points of contention during a divorce. Parents care deeply about spending time with their children and being involved in the important activities of their lives.

Covered in this article:

  • Why Fathers Stay Away
  • Don’t Put it Off
  • Do it Now – and Keep it Up!

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