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Washington State military divorce attorney

Divorce is always difficult, but if you’re seeking a divorce while in the military, it may be even harder. Just trying to figure out where to file for divorce can be a challenge. You’ll want to contact a Washington State military divorce lawyer to get your questions answered about your  situation, but for now, here’s an overview of what you should know.

Washington State Military Divorce Lawyer

If you decide to file for divorce in Washington state, at least one of you must be:

  • A resident of the state
  • A member of the armed forces and stationed in the state
  • Married or in a domestic partnership to a party who is either a resident of the state or stationed in the state

If you meet these conditions, you may file a petition for divorce. After 90 days have passed, the divorce will proceed in court.

Now let’s see if we can answer more of your questions.

As a service member, you face special challenges in divorce. Your divorce proceedings may be heard in Washington state court, but the key issues of the case will revolve around your military service and benefits.

You need a lawyer who is highly experienced in both the divorce laws of the state of Washington and the codes and regulations of the military. An attorney who has experience protecting the rights of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines in court. You need a Divorce Lawyer for Men.

The attorneys of Divorce Lawyers for Men have the experience and knowledge needed to successfully represent military men in the courtroom. We are dedicated to helping the husbands and fathers who have protected our country. We get the results that men need and deserve.

If you or your spouse is a resident of the state of Washington, or you are stationed here, contact us today. Our local attorneys are near your base, ready to help.

Understanding how state and federal law works together to make military divorce unique will help prepare you for the divorce process. These articles have been prepared by Divorce Lawyers for Men to help you:

Even though your divorce may have specific issues because you or your spouse is in the military, your divorce proceedings will take place in a Washington state court under Washington law.

military divorce attorney washington state

That means the process and the costs are very similar to those of divorces between civilians with similar assets and issues to your own.

What numbers are we talking?

As we outlined in our page about divorce in Washington state, divorces where the spouses have not been married long, have few assets and have no children can be extremely inexpensive. But the more complex your divorce is, the more it is going to cost you. The biggest factor that will increase the expense of your divorce is whether or not it is contested.

 Forbes published an article in 2022 that stated “The median cost of a divorce in the U.S. is $7,000, while the average is between $15,000 and $20,000.” 

Uncontested divorces are much cheaper

If you and your wife can reach an agreement on the major issues of property division (including military benefits and retirement plan), child support, spousal support, child custody, and visitation, you will save a great deal of money because your divorce will be uncontested.

Some couples find they need a little help talking things through and go to a mediator. It is important to note that mediation is required in certain counties for all cases involving a child.

Litigation is time-consuming, and you are going to pay for that attorney’s time as well as filing fees and court-related costs such as transcripts and process servers.

Divorce is a state matter, which means you cannot receive legal representation through the military.

If you have property or children, a Washington state divorce lawyer who is very familiar with family law in Washington state but also has experience handling military divorces.

For example, although benefits and retirement plans are often divided in civilian divorces, you will want an attorney who understands those specific to the military such as the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

As mentioned, you can find much more details about the cost of divorce on our page about divorce in Washington state.

As mentioned, sometimes a couple will get a legal separation instead of a divorce so a spouse can be covered on the other spouse’s health insurance through their employer. But if you are in the military, a spouse is still entitled to military health benefits after the divorce if they meet certain conditions.

  • Even if they are divorced, a spouse of a person in the military may still be able to get military benefits such as health coverage if
  • They were married 20 years or more
  • The person in the military served at least 20 years during the marriage
  • The spouse does not have health coverage through their employer
  • The spouse has not remarried (Though if the spouse dissolves the second marriage, they may be able to get benefits back.)

Even if the above does not apply to you and your spouse, you will want to speak with a military divorce lawyer in Washington state to determine if there are other ways to receive benefits after divorce.

As a member of the military, you regularly place your life in danger to protect our country. Your dedicated service can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Going through a divorce may seem like more stress than you can bear. You may be tempted to end things quickly by giving in to all of your wife’s demands. Do not do it!

There’s no need for you to give up your rights, no matter how distressing the end of your marriage is. The emotional pain caused by divorce will eventually go away.

military divorce washington state

As painful as the divorce process can be, it also creates a road map for your future. You have the power to make decisions about the custody and visitation of your children, you have rights regarding the division of your debts, assets, and military retirement, and in regards to child and spousal support.

Having a strong ally by your side in the courtroom helps you lay the foundation for a better life after divorce.

Our lawyers have years of experience with military divorces. We understand Washington state law and the special circumstances of military divorces. We make sure the men who are our clients get a fair hearing on property issues and do not pay for unfair spousal support.

Fathers have rights to their children equal to mothers under Washington state law, and we hold judges accountable to that law. Temporary deployments should not bar you from seeking child custody or a liberal visitation schedule.

If you are seeking a military divorce lawyer in Washington state, call Divorce Lawyers for men for expert counsel who understands men have rights too.

Our Washington state military divorce attorney is here to help

Divorce is not a situation you should try to handle on your own. Success depends on gathering the right resources and team members. Divorce Lawyers for Men bring mission-critical skills and experience to the courtroom. We will fight to protect your rights every step of the way.

If you would like more information on the divorce process, or to take the best divorce resources with you in print, please check out our free divorce guide for men or contact our office at (360) 866-7393 to meet with an attorney about your particular circumstances.

Are you a military spouse? Is your wife in the military? If you are the husband of a service member you have rights during a divorce. Click to learn more about Divorce Rights for Military Spouses.

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