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Easily Stay On Top of Your Kid’s Health & Wellness

Stay Organized & Up-to-Date on Your Children’s Medical Information

At the beginning of each school year, many children have their annual well-child exams, sports physicals, dentist appointments, optometrist check-ups, and immunization shots.

Most parents will do a head-to-toe evaluation of their child’s health and wellness around this time. Afterwards, parents tend to set the cruise-control and not monitor their children’s health as closely, unless they become obviously sick.


Keeping track of your children’s health is important at all times of the year. It’s also important to continually monitor their eating and exercise habits, as well as allergies. These tend to fluctuate depending on the season. Raising healthy children and setting a good example will help them grow into healthy adults.


Collecting Health & Wellness Information

Gather Up the Need-to-Know Health Data for Your Kids

After a divorce, it can be more difficult to keep track of your children’s health, especially for the non-custodial parent.

One parent is usually in charge of taking the children to their health care appointments and the other parent is sometimes left in the dark about their specific medical needs. But a lack of communication, and misunderstandings about your children’s health issues, could lead to potential problems if there is ever an emergency situation.

Even if your child looks healthy and has no preexisting conditions it is important to keep a record of their health.

Carefully tracking your children’s health and wellness can;

  • Reduce the risk of medication overdose or incorrect diagnosis
  • Help reveal genetic disease patterns
  • Lead to early detection of a genetic or chronic illness
  • Help you to have better communication with your healthcare providers
  • Allow enrollment into many schools and/or day cares
  • Allow paramedics to most effectively treat your child in an emergency situation


Tracking The Health of Your Chldren

There is a lot of information to keep up-to-date, and it can be hard to find it all if it is not well-organized and shared between parents.

You should have up-to-date information on;

  • Immunizations
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Dentist Visits
  • Orthodontist Visits
  • Hospital Visits
  • Surgeries
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Preexisting Conditions
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Illnesses
  • Mental Health
  • Eating and Exercise Habits


It is important for both parents to have current records of your children’s vaccinations, dentist visits, doctors visits, and medications; both past and present.

If your ex is unable, or unwilling, to provide you with this paperwork, you may contact the medical providers’ office(s) directly and ask for the official records of your children’s visits. If you need immunization records, you can also contact your children’s school. If you are still having trouble locating your children’s immunization records, you can fill out a form on the Washington State Department of Health website to have the records released to you.

(Release Immunization Records Form)


Healthy Children Exercising

To find out about your children’s eating and exercise habits, just observe them. This is the best way to see if they are eating the right foods and exercising enough.

Try to set a good example for your children. Buy nutritious foods at the grocery store, take them hiking, and encourage positive behaviors. If you notice any bad habits, work with your co-parenting partner to devise a plan to correct them at both households.

Bad habits can be more difficult to monitor after a divorce, since you are now trying to maintain a new standard while co-parenting with your ex, who you may not always see eye-to-eye with. However, open communication is the best way to stay on the same page and ensure that your children are practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Remember that you are doing this because it is what is best for your children. Be ready to listen and compromise in order to develop a strategy that both you and your ex-wife can agree on.

In the case of an emergency, you may be asked to quickly come up with the contact information for one of your children’s care providers. Be sure that you and your ex-wife both have these contacts with you at all times.

Keep up-to-date contact information for any and all;

  • Teachers
  • Babysitters
  • Caregivers
  • Doctors
  • Coaches


Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can begin to organize it into one of the many available health tracking apps, or create a physical health tracking worksheet (you can download our Free Children’s Health & Wellness Tracking Sheet by clicking here), so that you will have quick access to all of your children’s health and wellness information.


Physical Health & Wellness Tracking Tools

Health Monitoring Resources You Can Print & Hold

How to Track Children's Health

Your Family Health Organizer

A writing journal that helps track doctor’s visits, medications, immunizations, and developmental milestones.

> Get it on Amazon for $19

How to Monitor Children's Health

Immunizations and Developmental Milestones Checklist

A comprehensive immunization checklist for kids 0 to 6 years old from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

> Download for free here

How to Track Kid's Health

The Care Notebook

Keep track of medicines, therapy sessions, and doctor’s visits. Organize contact information for health care providers, therapists, and community organizations. Keep track of financial information such as out-of-pocket medical expenses. Provided at no-cost by the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

> Download for free here

How to Monitor Kid's Health

Daily Dosage Worksheet

An easy to use worksheet that helps keep track of the last time you provided your child with medicine. A great resource for sharing information with others who may be caring for your child; such as a grandparent, a babysitter, or another parent.

> Download for free here

Child Health Monitoring Worksheet

Recommended: Child Health Monitoring Worksheet

A simple, single-page, printable worksheet that allows you to keep track of the most important information regarding your child’s health and wellness. Provided at no-cost by Divorce Lawyers for Men and Morris – Sockle as a complimentary resource to this article. It covers all of the major points outlined throughout.

Download it, print it out, fill it out, and laminate it so you always have your child’s most important health information available. Remember to update the information regularly.

> Download for free here


Digital Health & Wellness Tracking Tools

Health Monitoring Resources for Your Phone or Tablet

Health Monitoring for Children

Continuous Care

This app records your scheduled appointments and medical records.

You can also ask health care specialists questions about medical issues your children may be experiencing.

> Download for free on iPhone or Android

Health Monitoring for Kids

CDC Vaccines

With this app, you can get access to immunization schedules for your children.

Just enter your child’s age for a full vaccine schedule or a catch-up immunization schedule if they are missing vaccines. You can record your child’s vaccinations and set a reminder for when they need their next one.

> Download for free on iPhone or Android

How to Monitor Kid's Wellness


This app stores all the information you need about your children’s health, allergies, and medical history.

It allows you to share all information with any caretaker or family member. It provides insights and charts so you can keep track of your child’s health over time. It also stores emergency contact information that can be accessed quickly.

> Download for free on iPhone

How to Monitor Children's Wellness


What do you do if your child develops a sore throat or a fever?

What can you do if your child gets stung by a bee?

This app can answer those questions.

It provides care guides that help you understand your child’s illness and symptoms. The app will help you make decisions on how you can manage your child’s illness or if you need to take them to a hospital.

> Download for $2 on iPhone or Android

How to Track Children's Health and Wellness


This app helps manage prescriptions and dosage instructions for medications.

You can record when you give your child their medication and you can set reminders for medication dosages. You can also record how your child is reacting to a medication.

> Download for free on iPhone or Android


Follow these tips and use these tools to easily stay on top of your children’s well-being all year long!



Get the Children’s Health & Wellness Tracking Sheet Now!

Download the Printable Health Tracker Worksheet

Our friends at Morris – Sockle have created a 1-page worksheet to help parents monitor their children’s health and wellness all year round.

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Child Health Monitoring Worksheet


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