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Are Personal Injury Awards Considered Community Property in a Divorce?

Are Personal Injury Awards Considered Community Property? Senior Partner of Divorce Lawyers for Men, Attorney Frank E. Morris, Weighs in If you received a personal injury award during your marriage, you probably think that your ex will get part of it in the divorce. In divorce, most of your property is considered community property, and […]

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The True Facts About Divorce in the US

The State of Divorce in the US in 2018 What’s the Real Divorce Rate in the US? Most of us have heard the statistic, ‘50% of all marriages end in divorce’. But, is this really true? Sure, a lot of people go through a divorce in the US, but do half of all U.S. marriages end […]

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Tax Reform Bill 2018–Men Take Another Hit

Tax Reform Bill 2018 Men paying Spousal Support take another hit Unfortunately, men getting divorced after 2019 just took a big hit thanks to a recently-passed tax reform bill. A little-discussed section of the tax reform bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump last December changed the 75 year old tax […]

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7 Ways To Reinvent Yourself After Divorce

7 Ways To Reinvent Yourself Post-Divorce Become A New, Improved You Despite Divorce Can you believe it’s 2018 already? The Holidays are over and it’s time to get back to the grind of work and school. The month of January is the most popular time of year for people to reinvent themselves. Gym membership sign-ups skyrocket, […]

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9 Reasons to love being Divorced during the Holidays!

9 Reasons to love Being Divorced during the Holidays It’s Truly the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ The holiday season has arrived.  The leaves have fallen, the air is crisp, and trash cans everywhere are overflowing with empty pumpkin spice latte cups. For the married, there are couple’s holiday cards to make, arguments to […]

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11 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues

11 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues If you’re feeling low this Holiday Season, our tips will help cheer you up! The holiday season is here and in full swing. For many people, it’s a time of cheer and joy, but for many others, it may be a time of sadness and depression. Many people come […]

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