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7 Essential Back-to-School Tips for Divorced Parents

How divorced parents can make going back-to-school less stressful We’ll share 7 tips for making the back-to-school transition easier for blended families   With just a few weeks of summer break left, it’s time to start preparing to go back to school. This time of year can be stressful for all parents but for those who […]

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Frank Morris Interview with Divorce Coach Tara Eisenhard

  Frank Morris of Divorce Lawyers for Men interview with Tara Eisenhard, Divorce Coach 2 Divorce experts discuss the frustrating issues men face in divorce Frank Morris is the founder of Divorce Lawyers for Men and has spent over 35 years helping men facing divorce. He has helped men win primary custody of their children […]

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The Ultimate Guide For Navigating Social Media During Divorce

  Here’s what you should know about using Social Media during Divorce Tips for using Social Media wisely during Divorce Proceedings In our age of constant busy-ness, social media helps us stay connected to our friends, family, and followers. Divorce is a huge life transition, and as with many huge life transitions, we like to […]

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How to Co-Parent Effectively with an Ex you Can’t Stand

Tips for Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex A Single Dad Offers Advice to Help you Co-Parent effectively Well, unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely in a less-than-perfect co-parenting situation.  Luckily, almost all of us are in a less-than-perfect co-parenting situation.  Now, we may be doing a little research to find out if the person […]

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11 Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

Here’s why you should always pay your Child Support Attorney Jeanne Sockle weighs in on the consequences of not paying Child Support Not paying one’s child support obligation has never been a good idea.  But over the past couple decades state and federal agencies have made a successful cooperative effort to put in place a […]

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5 Difficult Problems Adult Children of Divorce Face

Adult Children of Divorce Face Different Challenges Than Children of Divorce Why it can be difficult to be an adult when your parents divorce Grey Divorce (divorce over 50) rates have nearly doubled in the past 25 years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. With this sharp increase, adult children are now […]

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