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Paul Posadas Wins Client Satisfaction Award

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Olympia Divorce Lawyer Named ’10 Best’ in Washington

Paul Posadas has been recognized by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys as being one of the ‘10 Best Attorneys for Client Satisfaction‘.


It’s no secret that our office in Olympia, WA holds a special place in our hearts.


Co-founders of Divorce Lawyers for Men, Frank Morris and Jeanne Sockle, have been practicing law in Thurston County since the 1980’s. So, when we got word that our hometown hero, Mr. Paul Posadas, was being recognized as one of Washington State’s ’10 Best’ attorneys by the American Institution of Family Law Attorneys – we were beyond excited.

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys is an impartial third-party attorney rating organization. The AIFLA recognizes excellence of practitioners in the field with an exclusive list of the ’10 Best’ Family Lawyers in each state.

For an attorney to be qualified to receive this award they must:

  1. Be formally nominated by the AIFLA, a client, or a fellow attorney;
  2. Have attained the highest degree of professional achievement in his or her field of law; and
  3. Have an impeccable Client Satisfaction rating


Per AIFLA’s website:

“Many attorneys can achieve high degrees of success, but this is often times at the expense of the satisfaction of the most important person in the case – the client.

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys looks for divorce lawyers that have achieved unparalleled success professionally but, in addition, have done so for the benefit of their clients. 

Very few attorneys can do so and AIFLA recognizes this significant achievement.”

Fun Fact: This is the second consecutive year that a Divorce Lawyers for Men attorney has been recognized as a ’10 Best’ attorney in Washington, as Jeanne Sockle was honored by AIFLA in 2016.



We are proud of Paul’s recognition, however, this award comes as no surprise.


Paul’s tireless efforts and personal investment into each of his clients’ cases has been obvious since he started with our firm over 10 years ago.

He is consistently surpassing the expectations of his clients who, in turn, refer friends, family, and co-workers to his representation when they find themselves in need of a family law attorney. Client referrals speak volumes when it comes to determining the success of an attorney. Nothing says that you are doing a great job like a former client sending a close friend, or family member, to see you when they need help. And Paul receives client referrals by the boat-load.

Mr. Posadas plays a fundamental role in Divorce Lawyers for Men’s continued growth in the South Sound region.

We look forward to many more years – and many more awards – with our favorite Olympia Divorce Lawyer.


We found a way into Paul’s busy schedule so that we could sit down and ask him how he does it. 


DLFM: How does it feel to be honored by AIFLA as one of the top 10 divorce lawyers in Washington for client satisfaction?


Paul Posadas: I feel very proud, and humbled, to be honored by such an organization.

My team and I work very hard to make sure we provide the kind of attention and care to our clients on an individual basis and, at the end of the day, it’s rewarding to see that work recognized.


DLFM: What do you do differently from other family law attorneys that enables you to surpass your client’s expectations?


Paul Posadas: I believe that any successful attorney-client relationship starts with understanding the issues involved.

Aside from identifying and addressing the legal aspects of a case, I believe that it is equally important to understand our clients on a personal level. To be clear, this level of understanding does not imply that we provide one on one counseling beyond my capacity and role as an attorney. Rather, this entails an appreciation of the clients’ questions and anxieties as they relate to the legal issues present in their case.

Understanding these anxieties, along with providing a balance of reassurance and honest legal advice and analysis, are keys to building, and maintaining, a successful attorney-client relationship.


DLFM: It’s a well understood fact that Family Law and Divorce cases can come with very emotionally sensitive clients. How are you able to deal with the very real problems that your clients are facing, set clear and realistic expectations with them, and achieve your intended result on such a consistent basis?


Paul Posadas: Most cases that we are involved in are inevitably emotional cases. In large part because they are tied to, arguably, the most emotional aspects of a person’s life.

The resolution, or ending of a marriage, the placement and care of the children, the assignment of personal property, and the planning of a person’s financial future after a divorce all come with their own unique emotional challenges.

What I have found to be the best way to help people in these difficult circumstances is being as honest about their case as possible. From the moment they come into our office for an initial consultation, to the entry of final orders, I have approached each client, and each issue, with the utmost candor and honesty.

I point out the strengths and weaknesses of a case from the start, and continue that assessment until the case’s final conclusion. I find that being as transparent as you expect the client to be helps significantly in setting out goals and expectations as we move through what is, often times, one of the most difficult transitions in people’s lives.


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DLFM: You’ve been working with Divorce Lawyers for Men as a Family Law attorney for over 10 years now, Paul. What are next steps for you? Now that you have achieved this level of success, how are you going to continue to innovate and improve on your client satisfaction efforts in 2017 and beyond?


Paul Posadas: I believe that, as we continue to grow in our practice, ensuring the same level of care and attention that we have applied in our cases continues to remain at the same advanced level.

There is always a risk of diluting that level of service when a law firm is successful. We are ensuring, internally, through staff training and through the institution of policies, that we remain in close contact with our clients throughout every phase of their case.

In addition to maintaining the high standard that we have established, I am continually seeking out new ways to simplify and improve our attorney-client communications, and the divorce process as a whole, for our clients through new technologies and advancements within the legal field.

I look forward to continuing to improve my ability to achieve all the desired results, for all of my clients.


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