The “This is Wholesome” campaign by Honey Maid features their iconic graham crackers being enjoyed by different families. The latest video, #NotBroken, features a positive and heartwarming look at a blended family. The video highlights some of the great things about being part of a blended family, including having “two moms and two dads.”

While the video is part of a media campaign to sell graham crackers, it does highlight many wonderful aspects about blended families which are often overlooked. Here are three great things all blended families need to remember.

Right from the title, this video reminds everyone about an important truth, blended families are not broken. Terms such as “broken home” are often used in reference to divorce. These expressions only focus on divorce as an ending, as if the family is somehow broken by the parents no longer be married. Children from so-called “broken homes” are somehow missing out on a normal childhood in a “whole” home.

As Isaac’s family displays in the video, divorced families are far from “broken.” The love, care, and nurturing provided by parents does not stop. As all divorced parents know, being a father and a mother continues long after they are no longer husband and wife. All families change over time. Divorce doesn’t break up families, instead it is the start of a new chapter for parents and children. Once we stop using the word “broken,” we are left with what is really important, the family.

Two Moms, Two Dads
The popular image of a divorced family is a single parent struggling to take care of the children alone. This view ignores a common reality, many divorced parents remarry. Instead of living in a single parent home, children with divorced parents often live between two homes, each with a set of married parents. Instead of only two parents, they now have four adults caring for their well being.

Just Like Everyone Else
The video also relates the statistic that 40% of Americans are part of a blended family. That is likely a very surprising number to many people. Not only does it mean that millions of Americans have stepparents and stepchildren, it also means that divorced families are just like everyone else.

Here at Divorce Lawyers for Men, we focus on divorce not as an end, but as the start of a new life. The large number of happy blended families in the United States proves the truth of that statement. For divorced parents everywhere, it’s important to remember the kids are going to be ok.

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