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Tacoma divorce lawyers

The divorce process is difficult enough, but when courtroom biases, extended legal battles, and personal emotions are involved, the road to a satisfactory conclusion is even rockier. Fortunately, you do not have to face this journey alone — Divorce Lawyers for Men is on your side.

Our Tacoma divorce lawyers are committed to representing men’s rights in all divorce cases. If you are considering divorce or need representation in an existing case, contact us to find out how we can help.

tacoma divorce lawyers

Cost of divorce

Our Tacoma divorce lawyers understand that financial considerations are a priority during this difficult time. That is why we strive to help you resolve your divorce case in the most cost-effective manner possible without sacrificing the quality of our legal representation.

Contested or uncontested divorce is the greatest factor affecting costs

The cost of your divorce will depend largely on whether it is contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce, both parties disagree on some or all aspects of the divorce such as child custody and property division. Uncontested divorces move along quickly and cost less because both parties are in agreement.

One of the ways we aim to keep divorce costs low is to pursue an uncontested divorce whenever possible. If you and your spouse agree to attempt an uncontested divorce, our divorce attorneys in Washington State will work with you to find common ground and reach a resolution that is fair to both parties.

Why you need a Tacoma lawyer for divorce

Making sure men’s voices are heard

Despite recent societal shifts in gender roles, the divorce process is still heavily weighted in favor of women. The outcome of your divorce is legally binding and can affect your finances and lifestyle for years to come. When your future is at the mercy of the court, this could mean less parenting time, fewer assets, and higher financial obligations.

Unless a qualified lawyer represents you, you may find yourself at a disadvantage when facing the family court system. You need a dedicated legal advocate who can aggressively fight for your rights and protect your interests. When you work with Divorce Lawyers for Men, that is exactly what you will get.

Who pays attorney costs and fees?

In most cases, both spouses are responsible for paying their own legal fees and costs during the divorce process. However, the court may occasionally order one spouse to pay a portion of the other’s fees and costs if there is a significant disparity in their financial circumstances.

Significant disparity in income

The word “significant” is important — if you fall into this category, our Tacoma divorce lawyers can work with you to present evidence of your financial situation and argue for a fee award.

Misconduct during the divorce process

Misconduct during the divorce process may also result in a court order for one party to pay the other’s attorney fees. For instance, if one spouse fails to comply with a court order or deliberately withholds vital information from the other party, the court may order that spouse to pay the other’s fees.

Legal separation vs. divorce

Couples who are uncertain about ending their marriage may choose to pursue a legal separation instead of a divorce. This allows them to remain legally married while living separately and enjoying many of the legal protections commonly associated with divorce. If you are considering a legal separation, we can help you weigh your options and decide which route is best for you.


  • Legally separated couples cannot get remarried, but divorced couples can
  • Couples who are legally separated may remain on each other’s health insurance plans, but divorced couples cannot
  • Legally separated couples may continue to take advantage of tax benefits associated with being married, while divorced couples cannot


Legal separation and divorce have some similarities, too. For example, both processes involve the same general court procedure, with the court finalizing matters such as child custody and property division with a legally binding agreement.

Just like divorced couples, legally separated couples may be ordered to pay spousal support or child support, and they may be required to divide their assets according to the same general principles.

Right to conversion

Legally separated couples have the right to convert their separation into a divorce. This means that even if they decide not to immediately pursue a divorce, they can when they are ready.

Washington State has a six-month waiting period for couples who wish to convert their legal separation into a divorce. Once this period has ended, either spouse may request a conversion with the court which simply involves transferring the terms of the legal separation decree to a final divorce decree.

tacoma divorce attorneys

How our Tacoma divorce lawyers can help

When the stakes are high, it pays to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal advocate on your side. The attorneys at Divorce Lawyers for Men stand by our clients throughout the entire divorce process, providing dedicated representation and proactive advice designed to protect their rights and interests.

Depending on the specifics of your case, we may help with any of the following:

  • Exploring your legal options and helping you make informed decisions
  • Drafting, filing, and serving the initial divorce papers
  • Gathering evidence to support your case
  • Negotiating on your behalf to resolve disputes outside of court
  • Representing you in court hearings
  • Breaking down the terms of legal documents before you sign anything
  • Advising you on your rights and responsibilities after your divorce is finalized

With our help, you can navigate the divorce process with confidence and peace of mind. Leave the legal details to us and focus on what matters most: starting the next chapter of your life.

Divorce process in Tacoma

The Washington State divorce process looks slightly different for everyone, but all divorces follow the same general steps.

1. File a petition for dissolution of marriage

To begin the divorce process, one spouse will file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the local court. This document outlines the reasons for seeking a divorce and sets forth certain requests regarding the divorce terms. The filing spouse (petitioner) must have the respondent served with a copy of the petition.

2. Respond to the petition

After receiving the petition, the respondent has 20 days to file a written response that outlines their position on the issues laid out in the petition. The respondent can either agree to or contest the requests made in the petition. This determines whether the divorce begins as a contested or uncontested divorce.

3. Attend court hearings

Once both parties have filed their papers with the court, they may be required to attend court hearings for the judge to issue temporary orders for matters such as child support, spousal support, and child custody. These orders will apply until new orders are made or until the divorce is finalized. They may also influence what the final orders will be.

4. Discovery

Next is the discovery phase. During this phase, both parties can request information and documents from each other regarding their finances, assets, and other matters. This ensures transparency and gives both parties a chance to build a strong case.

5. Negotiate a settlement

If the divorce is uncontested, the spouses can begin to negotiate a settlement. This may involve mediation and/or negotiations between attorneys to come up with an agreement that both parties are satisfied with. The terms of the settlement will be put in writing and presented to the court for approval.

6. Trial

If the divorce is contested, it may move forward to trial. During trial, both parties will present their cases and evidence to a judge who will then make a decision regarding the division of assets, support, child custody, and other matters. The judge will then finalize the divorce by issuing a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.

Length of divorce

The amount of time it takes to finalize a divorce depends on various factors, such as whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Uncontested divorces can often be finalized within three months of the initial filing, once Washington State’s mandatory 90-day waiting period ends. Some cases may take a bit longer depending on the complexity of the issues and how quickly everything is processed, but most are finalized within six months.

Contested divorces are significantly more complex and can take longer to resolve. The length of time it takes for a contested divorce to be finalized can vary greatly, with timelines ranging from six months to several years. This time often depends on how far out the court schedules the trial date. Other factors that can affect the length of a contested divorce include how many issues need to be decided, whether either party is delaying proceedings and if any settlement negotiations are taking place.

Final documents in divorce

Once a divorce is finalized, the court will issue several documents to complete the process. The terms of these documents are legally binding, meaning that both parties must adhere to the terms laid out in them.

All divorce cases in Washington State involve a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage. This document officially terminates the marriage, outlines all of the terms and agreements that were decided upon in the divorce, and may include orders concerning alimony payments, child support, and other matters.

The court may also issue an official Parenting Plan. This document outlines each parent’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to the care of their children and visitation schedules. Details such as holiday schedules, transportation arrangements, and decision-making authority are all included in the Parenting Plan.

Why choose Divorce Lawyers for Men?

Divorce Lawyers for Men is not just a law firm — it is a statewide network of family law attorneys with a shared commitment to upholding the rights and interests of men. Thousands of men across Washington State have trusted Divorce Lawyers for Men to help them navigate the complexities of the divorce process and secure a favorable outcome; we are here to help you too.

Our highly qualified team of divorce lawyers in Tacoma provides personalized service that takes into account the unique needs of each client. When we take on your case, you can expect us to always have your best interests in mind and to provide the aggressive yet compassionate representation you need.

If you are ready to begin laying the foundation for a successful divorce, contact Divorce Lawyers for Men today at (360) 866-7393. We look forward to helping you secure a better future.

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"I never thought my wife would agree to anything. After a few discussions though, we were able to agree on a lot of issues concerning the children. Divorce Lawyers for Men helped me put those agreements in writing and resolve my divorce with less conflict."

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"My wife wanted to live in our house with her new boyfriend while I kept paying the mortgage. Divorce Lawyers for Men made sure the court saw all our property and debts. We sold the house and split the proceeds. I didn't have to pay for any free rides."

"I never wanted to get divorced. One day my wife came home and said that she had met someone else. Why do I have to lose my house and my children just because she is done with our marriage? Thankfully, I hired Divorce Lawyers for Men."

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