The start of a new year is a great time to set goals and focus on the future. If you are divorced, you may be starting the new year off with leftover negative baggage. New Years ends the holiday seasons, a time that often emphasizes the loneliness of being divorced.

Whether this was your first holiday season alone, or you have been divorced for several years, you might not feel in the mood to set big ambitious goals for your future. Although you may hear it often, being single really is awesome. Here are three life hacks that will prove it’s better to be a party of one.

Travel cheap
Did travel seem expensive when you were married? That was because you had to buy everything in multiples. The first time you book a flight for one you’ll realize the huge savings of traveling alone. Suddenly everything is half the cost and you only have to bring a fourth of the luggage.

Getting on the airplane is so much easier when you don’t have to carry your wife’s luggage too. Being divorced also gives you greater freedom taking advantage of last minute travel deals. Since you are setting your own schedule, you don’t have to clear things with anyone else.

Dump your old friends
Let’s be honest here. When you were married, you probably didn’t like all your friends. Having friends as a couple is difficult. There were couples you liked but your wife hated and couples you couldn’t stand but your wife always wanted to invite over.

Having friends when you are married is complicated and requires sacrifice. Now that you are divorced, you don’t have to compromise. You can dump all the people who annoy you and got along with your ex-wife. Now that you have complete control over who you spend your time with, you don’t have to waste it with people you don’t like. As an added bonus, you get to hang out again with all the single friends you ditched when you got married.

Start dating again
Worried about dating again? Many divorced people feel the same way. Here’s something you likely haven’t thought about, most of the single people you are likely to meet are divorced as well. There are millions of divorced people in the United States across many different age groups.

Dating is where being divorced really becomes an advantage. You can use all the experience you gained being married, the good and the bad, to help you navigate future relationships. Imagine retiring from Major League Baseball and going to play on a company softball team. You get to bring all the experience and practice you had in marriage to new relationships with new people. That’s a position any man would love to be in.

Whatever goals you set for the new year, the choice is completely yours. Look at the next year not as another year of divorce, but a wide open new chapter of your life where anything is possible.