Jeanne Sockle’s 6 ‘Go To’ Songs for Break-Ups & Divorce

Music helps us deal with the emotional roller coaster of our lives.

Fun, energetic music is an obvious way to launch into celebration and express jubilation when times are good. As a society, we use music as a foundation of many of our holidays, religious rituals, and rite-of-passage ceremonies. It’s hard to imagine Christmas, a graduation, a wedding, or a funeral without music.

A lot of tradition comes into play with many of these events and we have a pretty good idea what songs to expect. But the playlist gets very personalized when we use music to deal with our individual stress and emotions.

Recent circumstances had me listening to my “go-to” break-up song, with the repeat button engaged.

It is, “Things Have Changed”, by Bob Dylan.

I love this song. And I love Dylan. He speaks to me in it.

Dylan’s recent Noble Prize for Literature certainly substantiates the value of his prose. I have a history with the song. I think that is because somehow the lyrics, at different times in my life, seemed to identify and reflect my feelings when I hadn’t really been able to sort them out myself or put words to my emotions.

I have several other must-do divorce songs that I have used to ride out emotional relationship storms, particularly of the cheating or break-up variety.

Some for those sad, bluesy days, like…

Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind”.

And some to fight (or support) the urge to make the late night (booty) call you know you shouldn’t, like…

Lady Antabellum’s “Need You Now”

Duffy’s “Mercy”

and Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over.”

A current mega hit is Dierks Bentley’s “Different for Girls” – which musically addresses the differences in how men and women deal with a broken heart.

Break-Up Songs do the Hard Work for us.

They identify feelings, put them together in an interesting and profound way, and allow us to project those emotions in a safe and acceptable manner.

We sing along in anger or sobbing sadly. Or we can be bolstered by lyrics professing independence or indignation.

No matter the emotion, music is a safe and appropriate way of identifying and owning your emotions and, hopefully, controlling your stress… all of which are good tools in dealing with the challenges of a break-up or divorce.

Jeanne Sockle's Break-up Songs


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