Go out and explore Washington this summer and build new memories for you and your kids. This week we’re sharing three of our favorite all-level hikes in the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful, subalpine lakes. Tucked just below the timberline in the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic mountain range, these bright-green and clear-blue glacier-formed lakes are perfect for family and solo expeditions.

Check trail conditions and recommended water supply ahead of time (links provided) before planning your day. Go out and conquer a mountain, and make sure to bring your camera.

1. Lena Lake

One of our favorite hikes in the Olympic Peninsula, the gentle climb to Lena Lake is just five miles round-trip. Located North of Hoodsport on Highway 101, this wide, well-maintained trail is shaded by old-growth forest, beautiful creeks and small waterfalls.

2. Flapjacks

A favorite for fly-fishing enthusiasts, the Flapjack Lakes trailhead is 16 miles north of Hoodsport. An all-day hiking excursion, this trail is a little more advanced than Lena Lake, but the rushing waterways and vistas that accompany the trail make it a memorable trip every step of the way.

3. Lake Crescent


One of the most beautiful lakes in Washington state, Lake Crescent is a popular camping and hiking destination for everyone. Its beautiful bright-blue waters are nestled in the basin of the Olympic Peninsula in the small city of Piedmont, just west of Port Angeles. There are several hiking trails to choose from, designated camping sites, as well as local accommodations and outposts to enjoy.