Making the decision to hire an attorney to represent you can be a tough; choosing which attorney makes the call even tougher. Why choose Divorce Lawyers for Men? Because we get the results that men want and need in Court. That is why you hire a lawyer; to get better results than you could get on your own. Lawyers who really care about their clients tend to get better results. You want a lawyer with a proven record of getting the results that men want and need during a divorce.

First, your lawyer should ask you what the most important issues in this divorce are to you. What are your goals? What are your priorities? Second, your lawyer has to listen to what you say. Good lawyers get their marching orders from their client. Third, the lawyer has to go get the job done. That is what Divorce Lawyers for Men will do for you. Get results.

When Custody of the children is the top priority, men face an uphill battle. Regardless of the claims of political correctness and no gender bias, our Courts award better custody rights to women. For a man to win in a custody fight he has to have an attorney that knows how to handle a case in order to overcome that gender bias. The attorney has to start positioning the case from the first day. You have to closely follow the advice of your attorney. It takes a team effort to win custody. You cannot fumble and expect to win. You have to make every move perfectly, and wait for your spouse to screw up. Then you have to move aggressively and take advantage of the temporary opportunity. Divorce Lawyers for Men was created to fight for men that want more than the standard every-other-weekend visitation, and high child support. We have won custody for men, and you have a better chance of winning with us on your side.

Most men earn more money than their wives. During a divorce men are seen mainly as a source of money – money to pay all of the bills, child support and spousal support (alimony). Most men start in divorce by being forced out of the family home, and paying new living expenses on top of all the old bills, plus support. Men need attorneys that know how to go in and start neutralizing unfair financial burdens from the beginning. Our lawyers know that finances are a major issue in nearly every divorce.

We will work with you from the beginning to position yourself for fair treatment by the Court. Most men do not object to paying their fair share, but they do not want to be pushed into poverty while their ex-wife lives comfortably in the family home. Divorce Lawyers for Men will work with you to get the fair treatment you want and deserve through quality legal representation.