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Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is quickly coming up, and to celebrate, we put together a gift guide full of items and present ideas for the special, hard-working dads in your life. And hey, if you want to get yourself something nice, we fully encourage it!

For the Dad Who Just Wants to Stay Home


  • Subscription service
    Don’t miss out on TV shows or movies you or your dad have been dying to watch. Gift a subscription to a streaming service. Alternatively, consider your dad’s interests or hobbies. For instance, if they are beer or coffee connoisseurs, get them a monthly subscription box that can be mailed straight to their door.
  • Projector
    Pop some popcorn, use a blank wall or some sheets, and take movie night with the kids to a whole new level with a brand-new projector.
  • Speakers
    Some new speakers would be a nice complement to a new projector. Get a soundbar or a subwoofer so that you and your dad can watch sports games with crisp sound. Or, if you or your father enjoys home projects, get them a portable speaker so they can listen to music as they fix up the house.

For the Dad Who Is Always on the Move


  • A Massage Gun
    A massage gun, like the Theragun, is perfect for those fathers who love to work out or spend a lot of time on their feet. If this will be an eventful Father’s Day, a Theragun is sure to help a dad relax and get some pain relief.
  • Sneakers
    Dads that are always on the go know that a good pair of comfortable sneakers make all the difference. Try out thick, cushioned shoes from Hoka—there is a reason why they are so popular today!
  • Tracking Tags
    Tracking tags, like AirTags, offer versatility and peace of mind. They are great for dads who love to travel and want to keep their luggage findable. Likewise, they are a fantastic solution for locating everyday, misplaced items such as keys and wallets.

For the Dad Who Gets Sentimental


  • Records
    Either buy your dad his favorite album on vinyl or get him music from an artist that makes you think of him. In fact, the great thing about records is that they double as art, and you can prop them up on the wall.
  • Tickets
    If you want to create some everlasting memories with your dad or kids, purchase some concert tickets to their favorite band or get tickets to a sports game.
  • Wall Art/Pictures
    There are tons of options for this. Firstly, you could print out photos from your favorite day with your dad or with your kids. On the other hand, buy them wall art that they actually want to display, like this MLB Stadium Blueprint or these deconstructed video game consoles and controllers.
  • Board Games
    Lots of dads have memories of playing board games like Stratego, Battleship, or Monopoly with their fathers. This Father’s Day, gift them the present of replicating those fun memories with their own kids.
  • Your Time
    Get together with your dad and do the activities he really enjoys. For example, go out for a walk, go fishing, or go boating. However, if your dad is not nearby, schedule a virtual call and have a nice, meaningful conversation with him.

Feel free to share our Father’s Day Gift Guide with the dads in your life. Happy Father’s Day from Divorce Lawyers for Men!

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