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Man Cave Tips for the Modern Man

Modern Man Cave Spots

You can create a space that’s suitable for entertaining as well as relaxing even if the place, or your budget, is small.  If you really want a man cave, you may have to think outside the box.  Maybe you can use the garage and still have it be functional for cars when it’s not game day.  Maybe hang a TV outside by your BBQ and add some yard furniture.

Man Cave Designer’s Pro Tip:

Get a sense of what you need, what fits where, and what style represents you and what style fits the place well – for example; turning a patio into a BBQ/Gameday chill spot, will be different then a loft or basement. Don’t make a bunch of purchases beforehand, only to find out that what you bought doesn’t mesh with your available space.  Take a good look at the layout and get some measurements before you head to the store.

Man Cave Essentials

Man Cave Storage

Organization is too often overlooked.

Chances are you’ll be trying to maximize the space you have.  Get creative in the ways to store the things you want to have in your man cave.  Games, drinks, extra chairs, everything that makes the cave functional should also have a place.

Man Cave Color Schemes

Color sets the tone for your room.

What colors do you like?

What colors best suit the place?

Include three colors and consider how much natural light your man cave gets. If you go with dark colors, break them up with some lighter shades.

Man Cave Wall Coverings

You can play with different textures.

For example; You could have fabric covering some of the walls, instead of paper or paint.  You could have a fury wall for your cat to climb like the one in Get Him to The Greek.  Have some fun with it, cat dad.

Man Cave Lighting

Strategize the way you use lighting.

Choose different lighting options for different areas (ceiling, floor, table lamps). You can easily install and use dimmers and LED bulbs. Both will help you save energy, electricity cost, and create more of an atmosphere.

Man Cave Style With Your Own Twist

Consider mixing styles from different periods.

For example; Modern and Traditional.

Maybe you want to have a man cave that looks like a prohibition-era speakeasy with a modern-day sports bar twist.

Tips for Decorating Your Man Cave

Perfect your seating.

In your man cave, create a good seating arrangement that doesn’t necessarily include a sectional couch.

For example; You could have a combination of sofa and armchairs or ottomans. Some ottomans can make for good storage and they can serve as impromptu tables if you slap a table cloth and some trays on top.

Blend-in your electronics with the furniture.

Towering entertainment units don’t say “cool” anymore.

Opt for non-invasive flat screen TV set that you can mount on the wall, or place on top of furniture and blend in with other accessories, maybe even some plants.

You can help hide some of your electronics and wires with a hearty personal library. Well-stocked bookshelves help make a place warm and interesting.

Show off the fact that you’re a well-read, modern man and personalize the shelves with objects that are meaningful to you, such as souvenirs from travels or mementos of your childhood.

Remember that it’s your space.  Maybe your man cave is where you get extra work done, read books, or just hangout when you have some downtime.  Make it functional and comforting for your lifestyle!

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