The Divorce Sucks! Podcast featuring Frank Morris

Laura reached out to Frank for an interview with the desire to understand the special issues men face in divorce, and Frank was happy to share some difficulties his clients have faced, and how he has helped clients make it through their divorce with the best possible outcome.

In this interview the two divorce lawyers discuss the common challenges men face fighting for fair custody, reasonable support, and equal property division while going through a divorce.

About Frank Morris

Frank Morris is the founder of Divorce Lawyers for Men and has spent over 35 years helping men facing divorce. He has helped men win primary custody of their children and he has helped men get more equal treatment in divorce.

About Laura Wasser

Laura Wasser is an American attorney focusing on divorce. Her clients have included Ryan Reynolds, Heidi Klum, Ashton Kutcher, Christina Aguilera, Marta Kauffman, and Johnny Depp. She is the founder of It’s Over Easy and hosts The Divorce Sucks! Podcast.