There are always conflicting and overlapping claims by parents for the right to child visitation on a particular day, but visitation with the father on Father’s Day has to be to a top priority. It is the one day each year that has been created to recognize and honor the special relationship between children and their father.

Broader visitation schedules for alternating weekends or summer vacation have to be superseded by dad’s visit with his kids on this special day.

And fathers have a similar duty to give visiting with their children top priority on this one special day each year. Being with the kids has to be more important than going to a ball game with the guys, working on the weekend to get a project done, or mowing the yard.

The rights of men to enjoy custody and expanded visitation with their children creates a parallel duty for men to give priority to exercising those rights. Child visitation is a joy and privilege as well as a right. Dads need to plan ahead for a great day with their children. They need to plan and implement something special. A day with dad that their children will enjoy and remember.

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