Washington law enforcement officers, firefighters and other first responders are constantly at risk of severe injury or death. Danger in the line of duty takes it toll on you. It can also create emotional distress, anxiety, and depression. This emotional distress is just part of the price you are willing pay to keep our community safe. The emotional cost of being a first responder should never be used as a weapon against you in a divorce case.

A Cheap Target

A firefighter looks on after battling a fire.The extreme demands of your career have caused many first responders to act out in ways that their wives will try to use against them in divorce. Do not allow past or temporary work related emotional problems to be used as a weapon against you. Your wife may be tempted to use the emotional strain of your job to paint you as an unfit father, claim you are a threat to others, or even accuse you of domestic violence.

You do not need to take such baseless accusations. What you do need is an attorney experienced in defending first responders against such malicious attacks. Divorce Lawyers For Men is dedicated to helping the men who protect us all.

Handling Issues Right

Make certain that your attorney is fully aware of any past problems, and has the accurate information to present a true picture of what really happened and why. Reach out to Safe Call Now for help to resolve any current problems. The Court knows what stress first responders are under. If properly handled by you and your attorney, these issues can be explained and resolved, but these issues must be confronted and handled or they will be used as an unfair weapon against you.

You work one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The emotional impact of risking your life to protect people and make our neighborhoods safe cannot be underestimated. You deserve to be honored for your heroic service, not have issues from work related stress thrown back in your face. You do not have to accept this kind of treatment, even in a divorce.

Divorce Lawyers For Men™ is proud to support and to work with your Unions and Safe Call Now to protect the rights of First Responders facing divorce. Call us today at (360) 866-7393 to speak with an attorney who understands your situation.

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