Father and First Responder

A firefighter responds to a fire.For dedicated firefighters, law enforcement officers, and other first responders who are parents, the most important job is being a father. Not only do you want to take care of your children, but you want to spend good quality time with them when you are not working. If you are going through a divorce, it may seem like an impossible task to schedule visitation with your kids around your work schedule.

At Divorce Lawyers For Men we believe your chosen profession should be rewarded, not punished by the divorce process. You deserve a fair and flexible visitation schedule so that you can spend time with your children and continue saving lives and protecting the community as a first responder.

Custody and Visitation Challenges

If you have children, a Parenting Plan for the residential care of your children will be created during the divorce process. The creation of a Parenting Plan that is fair to you creates special challenges that needs to be understood and overcome.

Your work schedule, shifts, and requirement to be on call make the normal custody and visitation plan nearly impossible. You do not work 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. You have to be on call more than any other profession. You cannot leave your job to meet the school bus at 3:30 pm. You cannot be locked into inflexible alternating schedules.

A Lawyer Who Understands

Your Parenting Plan has to be based on a full and reasonable understanding of the demands of your work schedule. Do not let yourself be punished because you are protecting and serving our communities. The special requirements of your career must be handled at all stages of the divorce process. Once you lose ground it is hard to make it back up. This is not the time to try to handle things yourself, get a name out of the phonebook, or call some 1-800 number.

You need a lawyer who is recognized as a leader by your Union and Safe Call Now. A lawyer that knows how to work for First Responders.

Divorce Lawyers For Men™ is proud to support and to work with your Unions and Safe Call Now to protect the rights of First Responders facing divorce. Call us today at (360) 866-7393 to speak with an attorney who understands your situation.

If you would like more information on the divorce process, or to take the best divorce resources with you in print, please check out our free divorce guide for men or contact our office to meet with an attorney about your particular circumstances.