Helping the Men who Save Lives

divorce-for-first-respondersEveryday you put your life on the line to save people and keep our community safe. As a first responder, your job takes a physical and emotional toll as you give everything to protect your community. Despite your heroic efforts on the job, you are not immune to your marriage ending in divorce. Divorce Lawyers For Men is proud to represent police officers, firefighters, and other first responders during the difficult process of divorce.

Unfortunately, Washington Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters have unique problems when faced with divorce. Your chosen career saddles you with issues and situations not encountered by men in less demanding positions. Your decision to serve the community places you at a disadvantage in divorce.

Lawyers Helping First Responders

You, more than most, will need the assistance of a lawyer during the divorce process if you want a fair and reasonable result. You will need a lawyer that is not only experienced in Family Law litigation, but also knows and has dealt with the special problems facing you.

Divorce Lawyers For Men is experienced representing Washington police officers and firefighters going through the divorce process. We understand the challenges your work schedule can create for custody and visitation. We know the emotional demands your job places on you. We understand you deserve a fair and equitable division of property, especially in regards to your LEOFF benefits.

Your Record of Service

Instead of a strike against you, your service to the community is a shining example of the good man you are. We will not sit by while your wife tries to use your record of service as a negative in the divorce proceedings. Every man deserves fair and equitable terms in his divorce. This is especially true for first responders.

We will not allow the court or the other side to ignore the self-sacrificing nature of your profession. You cannot be denied your rights because of the sacrifices you make to keep us all safe.

You’ve worked so hard for so long helping people and saving lives. You deserve the very best. Let Divorce Lawyers For Men help you now.

Divorce Lawyers For Men™ is proud to support and to work with your Unions and Safe Call Now to protect the rights of First Responders facing divorce. Call us today at (360) 866-7393 to speak with an attorney who understands your situation.

If you would like more information on the divorce process, or to take the best divorce resources with you in print, please check out our free divorce guide for men or contact our office to meet with an attorney about your particular circumstances.