Divorce Lawyers for Men

Support during and following Divorce comes in the forms of Child and Spousal Support (more commonly known as alimony).  Temporary Orders entered during the process of divorce are critically important as they set the tone for what later becomes permanent as part of the final divorce decree.

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Child Support

A Pile Of United States Dollars To Be Used For Child and Spousal Support.Washington calculates child support using a fixed formula that is primarily based on the income of both parents.  If one parent is not working, or is under-employed, an income amount can be imputed by the court.  There are some variables that can affect child support, such as the amount of time a child is spending with each parent.  It’s important that support for your child be correctly calculated as it is difficult to change later, and inaccuracies, even in small amounts, can certainly accumulate to a lot over many years of payment.  (Read More)

Spousal Support

Unlike Child Support, Spousal Support is not calculated by a fixed formula.  In some instances, it is not ordered, such as cases where both spouses have comparable employment and income.  However, spousal support can be, and often is, ordered when one spouse has not been employed or trained for employment.  It’s particularly true when there is a long-term marriage or if there are young children in the marriage.  Spousal support can be short- or long-term.  The amount is calculated on factors such as income and length of marriage.  (Read More)

It’s vitally important to have your rights and obligations thoroughly evaluated.