Divorce Lawyers for Men

Divorce is a difficult time to make tough decisions. As a man facing the end of his marriage, you have many concerns. Trying to find a good divorce attorney can seem like a challenge. You need someone who can explain the law to you and guide your through the process. Someone who understands the challenges you are facing and the emotional toll you are experiencing. Divorce Lawyers For Men is committed to helping every man through divorce. Call us today to talk to someone who understands, (360) 866-7393.

Equality in Marriage, Equality in Divorce

An attorney helps a same sex couple going through a divorce.By denying same sex couples the right to marry, the law also denied the protections that divorce provides at the end of a relationship. While divorce is never easy, it does provide a framework for the equitable division of property, a plan for the joint parenting of children, and provisions for child and spousal support. These rights allow both spouses to start a new life after the marriage ends.

The attorneys of Divorce Lawyers For Men are experienced helping men through the divorce process. We are dedicated to making sure your rights are respected in court. If you are a father, we fight to make sure you have the maximum possible custody and visitation with your children. We also make certain that there is a fair distribution of debts and assets.

If you were a stay-at-home father, we will make sure your ex-husband pays the full amount of child support required by law so that your children are financially supported. We will also work for the fair spousal support you deserve so that you can start a new life on equal footing.

Local Washington Lawyers for You

The attorneys of Divorce Lawyers For Men are your neighbors, local folks right here in Washington. We have all watched together as momentous changes in marriage equality have happened right before our eyes. As lawyers, we also understand the legal aspects and the dynamic changes these new laws have made possible.

If you are going through a divorce right now, you don’t have to do it alone. Your energy is better spent making your children happy, working through the emotional loss, and preparing for your new life. Let us handle the legal side of things.

Divorce Lawyers For Men™ attorneys advise and assist Washington husbands and fathers facing divorce. We understand the unique challenges and the complexities of laws regarding same sex divorce. We will protect your rights in court and help you continue on with your life after the end of your marriage.

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