Divorce Lawyers for Men

You may print and fill out these forms to speed up your application process.


Parenting Plan

This form is an important part of the dissolution process. It asks for information about you and your spouse that is used in part to draft the pleadings that are necessary to begin your case. This form should be filled out as completely as possible, and brought with you to your initial consultation and interview with your DLFM attorney.

Download the Parenting Plan Form (PDF)



Much of the evidence presented in your divorce case will be in the form of written statements presented at pre-trial hearing. These statements will help the court to make decisions of the issues of child custody, visitation, support, payment of debts and possession of property. A Declaration is a formal statement under oath that can be admitted into evidence at the hearing. The declarations can be from family members, friends with special knowledge, health care providers, teachers, or anyone else with helpful knowledge about the issues the court is trying to decide. This form allows you to go directly to the person and have them complete the form which you will bring back to the office. Discuss the proper use of the Declaration Form with your DLFM attorney.

Download the Declaration Form (PDF)