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We get the results that men want and need

Getting you the best results possible in your divorce is our job. Our attorneys will listen to you, and focus on your priorities. Is your priority: child custody; child support; alimony; or protecting your retirement? You tell us what you want, and we will fight for those results. You don't have to lose your children, your house, or your income.

The divorce process often seems incredibly unfair to men. It can seem like your wife is winning at every turn. It doesn't have to be that way. As your partner in the courtroom, our attorneys protect your rights at every step of the way.

Has your spouse filed for divorce in Washington first?
You may not realize it, but a ticking clock has started. You have a limited amount of time to preserve your rights and file legal responses with the court. Speak with us today at (877) 866-7393 to find out what you need to do and when you must do it. There is no time to waste. You can't ignore this.

Does it matter if my wife files first for divorce?

Don't settle for what your wife wants to leave behind. Protect what is most important in your life today and set the best possible foundation for a better future tomorrow.

The attorneys of Divorce Lawyers For Men have decades of experience representing men in family law issues. We can help you with divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, paternity, divorce modifications, and other family court matters. We also proudly represent and understand the special needs of military service members and first responders facing divorce.

Where to start?

You can download our free divorce guide and use it as a reference to help you learn what to expect when getting a divorce in the state of Washington.

Call us at (877) 866-7393 for a friendly, free consultation with a Divorce Lawyers For Men attorney today.

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