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Free Military Divorce Guide

With this military divorce guide, you can begin to clarify what you want & set your goals for divorce as an active duty or retired service member. Our guide covers all of the important family law topics, including: Child Support, Spousal Support (formerly known as Alimony), Questions to Ask, Documents You Will Need, How to Choose an Attorney, and much, much more!

Divorce Guide for Military

Our Divorce Guide is a useful resource intended to give individuals very basic information about divorce in Washington State. Use of this guide does not constitute or imply legal representation, nor does it replace retained legal counsel. If you need a lawyer, contact Divorce Lawyers For Men.

* Divorce Lawyers For Men’s primary purpose is to be a resource to men and to assist, guide, and advocate for them through difficult decisions that, for most, will change their lives dramatically. Becoming informed is the first step in this process. That is why we have created this guide.