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At Divorce Lawyers for Men™, we know the problems men in Bellevue face trying to get fair treatment in the King County Family Court system.

As a Bellevue Divorce Attorney, we know that in Washington State men are not always given equal consideration for custody of their children. We know that men are often forced to pay excessive child and spousal support. We know that men have been ordered to pay more than their fair share of the debts, and awarded less than their fair share of the property.

Our job is to correct these wrongs, and fight for the rights of men during and after divorce, in modification actions, in paternity actions, and in creating parenting plans.

Our Bellevue Family Law Services include:

Areas Served: 

Bellevue, Seattle, Mercer Island, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunt’s Point, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Carnation, Mitchell Hill, Issaquah, Newcastle, Factoria, Crossroads, and surrounding areas in King County, Kitsap County, and Pierce County.

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WARNING: Do not put your future at risk by settling for just any attorney in a King County Family Law case.

Everything that you have done with your life up to this point is about to be evaluated, and everything that you value is about to be redistributed, all by people that you have never met before.

A local Judge is about to decide which of your possessions he will give away, how often you can see your children, and how much money you get to take home out of your next paycheck. He does not care how hard you worked for it, how many hours of overtime you put in, what you sacrificed, or if you think that it’s fair. The only thing that the Judge cares about is getting one more case file off of his overflowing desk.

Divorce Lawyers for Men has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your rights are protected and a fair settlement is reached.

Client Testimonial

“Nothing in my life before this point prepared me for getting a divorce. I was angry every day and everything that happened made me more upset. I thank the attorneys at Divorce Lawyers for Men for being so patient and helping me make it through my divorce.”
– Peter W.

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But don’t just take our word for it!

Divorce Lawyers for Men has been repeatedly recognized for our outstanding work in the practice of Family Law. Our firm is among the most decorated Family Law firms in Washington State.

Here are a few of our most recent awards;

  • Most Innovative Law Firm” – North American News

  • 10 Best for Client Satisfaction” – American Institute of Family Law Attorneys

  • Premier Law Firm of 2017” – Newsweek Magazine

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Details about our Divorce Attorneys serving Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyers for Men serving Bellevue, WA

2018 156th Avenue NE, Suite 100
Bellevue, WA, 98007
King County Divorce Attorney

Phone: 1 (425) 215-1553
Email: [email protected]

Web page: Bellevue Divorce Attorney

Mercer Island Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyers for Men serving Mercer Island, WA

10900 NE 8th Street, Suite 1000
Bellevue, WA, 98004
King County Divorce Attorney

Phone: 1 (425) 230-3533
Email: [email protected]

Web page: Mercer Island Divorce Attorney

Redmond Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyers for Men serving Redmond, WA

15600 Redmond Way, Suite 101
Redmond, WA 98052
King County Divorce Attorney

Phone: 1 (425) 490-4422
Email: [email protected]

Web page: Redmond Divorce Attorney

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Links and Resources for Bellevue Family Law cases

Divorce and Family Law in Washington can be complicated. To help get you started, we put together a collection of links to Bellevue resources that will allow you to educate yourself further. If at any time you have some questions, or would like some professional help, feel free to call us at 1 (425) 215-1553 and we will be happy to talk with you about your situation.