Divorce Lawyers for Men

Divorce is the worst of times for any family. Knowing that divorce is the right answer for you doesn’t make it any easier. A dispute over the custody of your children will make it even more difficult. You need a child custody lawyer who will fight for a fair parenting plan. At Divorce Lawyers for Men we believe that fathers shouldn’t have to settle for less time with their children and we will fight aggressively for fair treatment.

It’s Very Likely You’ll Lose Custody

Statistically speaking, you will likely lose full custody of your children when you get divorced. In the U.S., only 18% of fathers receive full custody after a divorce; nearly 82% of the time, the mother gets full custody. That is why you must have a divorce lawyer with experience in fighting for fathers’ rights.

Custody decisions can happen very quickly. Once the petition is filed, there will be a hearing where the judge will issue a series of temporary orders—granting temporary custody, instituting a temporary parenting plan, and making temporary financial arrangements until the final decree is entered. That is why you have to start planning for custody even before you file the petition.

What many men do not realize, is that your final custody order and parenting plan will likely be modeled after your temporary order. If you did not win custody in the temporary order, that order will hold sway over the court and the burden will then be on you to prove that you would provide a better permanent home for your children.

You’re Probably Going to See the Children Less

Again, according to the numbers, when a father does not live with his children, he sees them much less. 29% of non-resident fathers only see their children about one to four times a month; 22% see their children a couple of times a week; and 27% never see their children at all after divorce. The primary contact children of divorced parents get with their fathers is usually through infrequent phone calls or emails. If you or your spouse moves out of Washington after the divorce, you’re probably going to see your children even less. This can happen to you unless you have a good child custody lawyer on your side to fight for fair visitation and custody.

You’re Going to Miss Out on the Little Things

You need to be an involved dad. If you do not want to miss out on your children’s activities, you need to be participatory from the first day.

  • Only 10% of non-resident fathers is responsible for picking their children up after school or helping them with homework.
  • Just over 30% of non-resident dads talk to their children about their day.
  • Only 16% of non-resident dads eat with their children compared to 94% of resident dads.
  • 11% of non-resident fathers pick their children up from after-school activities.
  • Less than 20% of non-resident dads read to their children.
  • Nearly all resident dads (98%) get to play with their children.
  • Only 36% of non-resident dads say they play with their kids.
  • Only 25% of non-resident dads are responsible for daily parenting chores like bathing, toilet training, dressing, and feeding the children.

What to Expect When Divorcing in Washington

Divorce is often an uphill battle against antiquated laws that do not respect equal parenting rights for men. When you hire Divorce Lawyers for Men, we fight to give men the best representation —to ensure the odds remain in your favor.

Different states have different laws governing child custody. Here are some standard custody terms that you will need to familiarize yourself with when divorcing in Washington:

  • Primary custody is termed “Residential Placement” – Where your child will live most of the time.
  • Visitation schedules are detailed in a parenting plan on a “Residential Schedule” – Days, weeks, holidays, times each parent will have the residential care of their child.
  • “Temporary Orders” – Provide stability to the family relationship during the divorce process and set forth a temporary residential schedule and child support.
  • Washington State law mandates developing a “Parenting Plan” – which is a legally binding document that spells out visitation rights, custody, and other responsibilities of each parent. In Washington this law applies equally to married fathers and single or unmarried fathers.
  • If no Parenting Plan is agreed to, the court can use its discretion to award custody based on their judgment of what is best for the child. The court may appoint a “Guardian ad Litem” (GAL) to help determine what is in the best interest of the children.

Many fathers do not want to fight for custody of their children because they assume the courts will favor the mother. We reject that notion at Divorce Lawyers for Men. If you are the best parent to care for your children, then you should have custody.

We Fight for You

Most fathers take their parenting responsibilities very seriously. We salute you! They are the 97% that believe that despite the costs, and hard work it takes to raise children, it is absolutely worth it. We fight for you!

We do not believe that your child is better off with their mother just because she is the woman. We believe that fathers are equally equipped to raise children and provide a stable and loving home.

We believe that husbands and fathers should have equal rights during and after divorce and we make it our business to fight for those rights. Contact Divorce Lawyers for Men for more information about our services.