With the start of a new year, you are likely making plans for the future and looking forward to everything you will do this year. Every new year brings the opportunity to make things better, to have a fresh start and improve your future.

When people talk about divorce, it is seldom referred to as a new beginning. In fact, most people only look at divorce as the end of something. Many people equate it with the loss of family. “Divorce tears a family apart,” is the common expression.

Such sentiments misrepresent the reality of divorce. Like a new year, divorce brings new opportunities and possibilities. It is not the end of your family, it is the foundation for a better future for you and your children.

Not the End of a Family

Marriage problems don’t start when divorce papers are filed. In most cases the marriage has been broken for a long time and and despite the best efforts of the spouses it cannot be fixed.

People commonly confuse marriage and family. Divorce is a legal procedure which dissolves a marriage. Marriage however is only one part of a family.

Even after divorce, the family is still made up of parents and children who care for each other. The family doesn’t end just because the parents are no longer married to each other.

If you are currently going through divorce, your relationship with your spouse is changing, but your relationship with your children continues and becomes even more important. You can now focus on building the best tomorrow for you and your children.

A New Start

If you are in a divorce right now, you may be tempted to focus only on the things which are ending. This is a very common reaction, but it does not have to be your entire outlook.

You and your spouse may no longer be married to each other, but you will be a parent for life. Divorce gives you the opportunity to provide a better future for your children, free from any of the problems you had in your marriage.

Look at your divorce as you look at the new year. A fresh opportunity to do new things and make a better future for for yourself, your children, and your family.

Ready for a fresh start?

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