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If your circumstances have dramatically changed since your final divorce decree was entered, you can file for a modification of the parenting plan, child support, and spousal support. Asset and debt division, however, cannot be modified once the final divorce decree has been entered.

Washington family courts are often very reluctant to change parenting plans once they are finalized. For major changes to the plan, or if your former spouse will not agree, you will need to seek court approval and you will have to demonstrate a substantial change of circumstance.

Here are some of the most common reasons to file a petition for divorce modification.

You Now Want Sole Custody

Perhaps when you first divorced you weren’t in the position to have sole custody, but now you and your children would like to change your custody arrangements. You’ll need a divorce modification lawyer to make a convincing case before the courts on your behalf.

Your Visitation Schedule No Longer Works

If your work schedule has changed and you’re no longer able to schedule visitation as outlined, it is possible to have the parenting plan changed to reflect your new schedule. You can ask the court to make both minor and major changes to custody and visitation. Let a knowledgeable Washington divorce modification lawyer make that case for you.

You or Your Ex-Spouse Want to Relocate with the Children

Let’s say your job requires you to relocate to a new city or state or your former spouse is planning to move out of town with your children. You will need to work out new arrangements for visitation and custody. Hiring a divorce modification lawyer with experience in successfully negotiating Parenting Plans is your best option to get a fair hearing.

Let Us Make Your Case for You

You have the same rights in a divorce on all matters as the mother does. In the event that your situation changes significantly and you want to modify your Parenting Plan or your child/spousal support plan, you will need the expert help of experienced divorce modification lawyers.

Divorce Lawyers for Men is your resource if you need help negotiating your divorce decree. Contact us today and let us make your case for you.


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