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The Most Popular Toys for Kids aged 1-13 for the 2017 Holiday Season

Check out these Bestselling Toys in 2017 for Toddlers, Kids and Preteens

It’s that time of year again! The Holidays are nearly here and as we all know, they’re jammed-packed with parties to attend, gifts to wrap and of course, shopping. Shopping around the Holidays can be incredibly stressful, to say the least. Spending hours in the mall looking for a perfect gift for the kids in your life can be a real challenge, especially when there are so many toys (and advertisers) competing for your attention.

To make the shopping process easier, we made a list of the most popular, bestselling Holiday toys in 2017 for ages 1-13. Another perk of this list is that many of these toys can be sent to you already gift-wrapped. If you aren’t great at picking out gifts and you’re even worse at wrapping them, this article will be a lifesaver during this busy Holiday season.


It’s hard to know what toys to buy for your kids, nephews, and nieces because toy trends change every year. It seems like each year they want something different; there’s always some new and popular toy or gadget. Shopping around the Holidays is stressful enough with the crowded stores and slow checkout lines; deciding what to get the kids in your life adds more unnecessary chaos. If you’re stumped on what you should give the kids in your life this year, check out this list of popular 2017 Holiday gifts. These exciting and popular presents will certainly not disappoint the little ones in your life! 


Top Gifts for Toddlers 1-4

If you have a little one under the age of 4, they’ll love the exciting aspects of these toys, and you’ll love their educational components!


Design and Drill Robot, $12

This Design and Drill robot is perfect for the toddler that loves to put structures together. The Robot promotes STEM-based learning through basic engineering and construction. Your little one can take the Robot apart, put it back together and install various parts with kid-friendly provided tools. Design and Drill Robot is fun, educational, and it won’t break the bank. It’s a triple win! Get it on Amazon for under $12.



KidsPlay Drum Set, $18. 

Do you want to improve your child’s rhythmic skills? The KidsPlay Drum Set is a surefire way to improve their rhythmic timing and musical skills. This Drum Set has 4 different modes-free play, letters, numbers and play-along. Your Toddler can play along to 9 different melodies and they can learn letters and numbers as well. Another cheap, fun and educational toy! Get it on Amazon for $18.





Foreign Language Blocks, $40.

The younger your children are, the easier it is for them to learn a second language. Bilingual kids are more likely to be bilingual adults, and their cognitive functions improve when they learn another language. If you want to start training your child in Spanish, Italian or Mandarin early, these Foreign Language Building Blocks are a great place to start. They contain the alphabet as well as pictures in each language. Get them at Uncommon Goods for $40.



MegaBlox Super Wagon Set, $22.

Tired of constantly having to pick up your toddler’s blocks after they spill them all over the room? The MegaBlox Super Wagon Set can help you keep the blocks tidy. The wagon picks up blocks while your Toddler pushes it. That way, you (hopefully) won’t have to continuously pick up all your toddler’s blocks. The wagon also comes with 20 blocks for your toddler to play with and pick up. Construction and cleaning come together with this interesting wagon set. Get it on Amazon for $22.



Little Tikes Giraffe Tricycle, $36.

This Little Tikes Giraffe Tricycle is perfect for your little tike. They can roll all around the house with this foot-powered tricycle. The Tricycle helps them stand on two feet without falling down. Your toddler will have playtime while building motor skills, coordination and balance. The tricycle is also really cute, who could resist that adorable Giraffe? Get it on Amazon for $36.


Monster Plush Bowling Game for Toddlers, $21.

If you want an adorable and safe game for your toddler, give them this Monster Plush Bowling Game. These silly looking Monster bowling pins come with a beastly bowling ball. Your toddler’s hand-eye coordination skills and motor skills will improve. Also, the monsters silly faces are pretty funny. Get it on Amazon for $21.



VTech Spin and Learn Flashlight, $13.

The VTech Spin and Learn Flashlight is great for improving your toddler’s musical and counting skills. It features over 50 sing-along songs and it also teaches toddlers to count and learn numbers. Exciting, cheap and educational, it’s a great gift for any musically inclined toddler. Get it on Amazon for $13.



Skip Hop Baby Accordion Hedgehog, $15

Another great gift for a musical toddler! The Skip Hop Baby Hedgehog Accordion is a musical toy for children as young as 6 months. When they push the hedgehog in, musical sounds come out. It’s great for training their musical ear. It’s easy to handle and it also comes with a teething ring! Get it on Amazon for $15.



Top Gifts for Children 5-10

These Toys are Super Popular Right now, and your Child will be Thrilled to get any of these Gifts!



LOL Surprise! Ball, $70

Your little girl will surely LOL at this LOL Surprise Ball! This interesting and very popular ball has plenty of surprises in it. The 50-layer ball contains dolls, bath bombs, and other little treats. The price may seem outrageous for just a little ball, but it has plenty of items within its 50 layers. This LOL Surprise Ball is one of the top best-selling toys on Amazon. Get it early before the stores run out! You can get it on Amazon for $70.



Wonder Woman Lego Set, $17

Legos aren’t just for boys anymore. If your little girl loves the movie Wonder Woman, she’ll love this Wonder Woman Lego Set. This particular Lego Set is Wonder Woman’s Dorm. It comes with 186 pieces so your daughter can build the ultimate Wonder Woman dorm. Of course, it comes with a Wonder Woman Lego figure and her motorcycle too. Get it on Amazon for $17.



Baby Alive, $43.

Many little girls love playing with baby dolls, but not all of them are as unique as this one. What’s unique about this baby doll is that it has realistic functions. Baby Alive can cry tears and show emotion. She also comes with check-up equipment to play Doctor. Baby Alive also says over 35 phrases in both English and Spanish. Your little girl will love that she has her own, real baby doll. Get it on Amazon for $43.


Power Wheels ‘Wild Thing’ 12-Volt Multi-Terrain Vehicle, $240. 

This Power Wheels ‘Wild Thing’ 12-Volt Multi-Terrain Vehicle is a great Holiday gift for a kid who loves to roll. When you push on the joysticks, the vehicle travels forwards, backward, and around in circles. It only goes  5 miles an hour and it has speed parental controls if that’s too fast for you. With this toy, your house will become the house that all their friends want to come to, just so they can ride on the ‘Wild Thing’. It also comes in Orange. Get it at Toys R Us for $240.


Barbie’s New and Improved Dreamhouse, $165.

The Barbie Dreamhouse is a classic Barbie product that has been popular for years. This year, the Dreamhouse is back and better than ever. Barbie’s new 3-story Dreamhouse comes with a garage, a kitchen, an elevator, a fold-out pool and smart technology that allows the lights and TV to turn on. Barbie’s new and improved Dreamhouse is sure to thrill your daughter. Get it on Amazon for $165.


Thomas the Train Fold-Out Tunnel, $30.

This Thomas the Train Fold-Out Tunnel is fun for all kids from 1-10. They can crawl through the train, play in it, or even take a nap in there. It’s super easy to set up, and it folds together so you can carry it with you anywhere. Perfect for bringing to relatives houses to keep the little ones busy. Get it on Amazon for $30.


Lego Creation Toolbox, $160

Legos have always been popular with kids, and like Barbie’s Dreamhouse, the Lego Creation Toolbox has been updated. Now, kids can build 5 different models from one set including a robot, a cat, a guitar, a rover and an assembly line. It includes an interactive motor and color sensing technology that can be installed in the models so they can move on their own. It comes with instructions, but you have to download the Lego Boost App on a tablet to access them. This easy to use and educational toolbox provides hours worth of fun. Get it on Amazon for $160.


Remote Control Police Car, $38

This Remote Control Police Car is perfect for any future cop, or for any kid who likes remote control cars. Practice high-speed chases, race with other cars, or just drive it around. It offers up to 30 minutes of driving time before needing a recharge. It also contains realistic lights and sounds for the ultimate Cop Car experience. Get it for $38 on Amazon.


Mini QuadCopter Drone, $17

The Mini QuadCopter Flying Drone is one of the best selling toys on Amazon right now. It’s a mini-drone that has a lot to offer. It’s super durable and it survives pretty much any type of crash; good for any youngster who wants to fly the copter into a tree. With just the push of a button, it can fly back to you quickly. It also has adjustable speed controls and does 360-degree flips. This toy will definitely be a bestseller for years to come, and you really can’t beat the price for how long it lasts. Get it on Amazon for $17.


Hot Wheels Criss-Cross Track Set, $45

Another popular item from our childhoods was Hot Wheels. They’re still around, and like Barbie’s and Lego’s, they’ve upped their game. This Hot Wheels Criss-Cross Track set has hairpin turns, challenging intersections and motorized boosters. All you have to do is place a car on the track and watch it zoom through on its own. It’ll definitely bring hours and hours of fun to your little ones. Get it on Amazon for $45.



Top Gifts for Preteens 11-13

Preteens are a notoriously tough crowd to please, but they’ll be overjoyed when they get these awesome gadgets.



Selfie Mic Set, $15

This Selfie Mic Set can make any aspiring karaoke star’s dreams come true. With this mike, you can make a karaoke music video with high-quality sound. The Mike comes with a smartphone app with hundreds of Karaoke songs to choose from. Any preteen singer with a smartphone will love using this Mike set for creating music videos with their friends. Get it on Amazon for $15.



Ombre Hair FX, $9

Tired of your preteen bugging you about getting her hair dyed? Give her this Hair Ombre Coloring Set instead. This hair chalk allows her to color her hair with pink, purple or teal. It comes with easy instructions and a spray bottle. It washes out easily as well so she won’t have colorful hair forever. Get it on Amazon for $9.


ViewMaster Virtual Reality Starter Pack, $19

Any preteen with a smartphone and an interest in Virtual Reality will be excited to try the Viewmaster Virtual Reality Starter Pack. When you pull up the ViewMaster app and position your phone in the viewing glasses, you see the stunning 360-degree Virtual Reality views in the goggles. When holding these goggles and looking around the room, you’ll see different parts of the virtual reality environment.There are multiple Virtual Reality locations you can visit just by changing the environment in the app.  The Viewmaster is super easy to use and is even great for adults. Get it on Amazon for $19.


Rory’s Story Cubes, $10

Rory’s Story Cubes are pocket-sized creative story generators for your aspiring writer preteen. These story cubes provide hours of technology-free entertainment. The game is great for playing alone or with friends and family. There are many games you can play with the story cubes to stimulate your preteen’s creativity. They can create and retell any kind of story they want with these cool story cubes. Get them on Amazon for $10.




Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Board Game, $37

Harry Potter is still popular among younger kids; it’s one of the most read Children’s book series. This awesome Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Board Game takes place at Hogwarts. Each person can play their favorite character while fighting to save Hogwarts from Lord Voldemort. This game will provide hours of fun for Harry Potter fans. Get the game on Amazon for $37.



Hanging Finger Monkey Doll, $38

These tiny Hanging Finger Monkey Dolls are insanely popular on Amazon. They sell out very quickly and often take weeks to restock. What makes these Monkey Dolls so special? They can blink, turn their heads and make sounds. They respond enthusiastically to loud sounds or air kisses and they’ll hang upside down on your finger. It’s easy to see why these monkeys are so popular—they’re cute and responsive! Get them on Amazon before they sell out again for $38.




3D Earth Puzzle, $55

This 3D Earth Puzzle is perfect for any Geography buff or puzzle aficionado. Your preteen can increase their knowledge of the world all while building problem-solving puzzle skills. It provides hours of entertainment and education—the perfect gift for any studious preteen. Get it on Amazon for $55.



Piper Computer Building and Programming Kit, $300

Are you hoping your child will become the next Steve Wozniak? Get them started on their Computer Science path with the Piper Computer Building and Programming Kit. Your child can build their very own computer with easy to assemble instructions. It even has Wifi and an LCD High-Resolution Screen. Kids as young as 8 can easily use this kit. They’ll begin their journey to becoming Steve Wozniak with building an awesome, educational computer like this. Get it on Amazon for $300.


Laser X Laser Tag Set, $45

If your child loves Laser Tag, this Laser X Laser Tag Set is perfect for them. It costs way less than going to the Laser Tag place regularly and it’s a lot of fun. It comes with two receivers, two sets of headphones and two Laser Tag Guns to shoot with. It even has an interactive voice coach who gives shooting advice throughout the game. Your child can play with friends for hours with this awesome set. Get it at Target for $45.



3D Printing Pen, $34

Do you have an aspiring little artist? This 3D Printing Pen is definitely something they’ll enjoy. Instead of regular old 2D writing, when you use this pen, it dispenses plastic so you can create 3D models of anything you wish to draw. The plastic can change colors and it’s easy to handle. It’s certainly a next-level product that is steadily becoming popular. This is even a great product for adults! Get it on Amazon for $34.



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We hope you have a fun and stress-free Holiday Season!


Ultimate Kids Holiday Toy Guide 2017 Article Written by Nichole Hine


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